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Natalie Adona's photo

Sneak Peek: New Data on What Americans Think About Voter Registration

By Natalie Adona / 2017 September 22nd

As National Voter Registration Day approaches, we're sharing new insights into how the American public views the voter registration process. Read More

Laura Maristany's photo

Elevating Constructive Voices to Disrupt Polarization

By Laura Maristany / 2017 September 12th

Innovative organizations are trying to ease hyper-partisanship by promoting civil dialogue, fostering collaboration, and embracing common-sense reforms and breakthrough ideas. Read More

Adam Ambrogi's photo

Tackling Challenges in Election Administration and Voting Using an Ecosystem Approach

By Adam Ambrogi / 2017 September 11th

Through collaboration with advocates, academics, election officials, and policy experts, our Election Administration and Voting System Map will help inform our thinking about American elections and our strategies for improving them. Read More


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