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Betsy Wright Hawkings's photo

New ‘Healthy Congress’ Report Shows Signs of Hope

By Betsy Wright Hawkings / 2016 February 2nd

The Bipartisan Policy Center has released its latest quarterly assessment of Congress’s ability to effectively govern. The diagnosis? There are signs of hope, but still too little function in the system.

Tom Glaisyer's photo

Cranking up the Truth-O-Meter: Giving a boost to Truth in Politics

By Tom Glaisyer / 2016 January 13th

Democracy Fund is pleased to announce our support for PolitiFact, an independent, nonpartisan news organization focused on bringing the public the truth in politics.

Natalie Adona's photo

Long Lines: How I learned to stop worrying and love queueing theory

By Natalie Adona / 2016 January 7th

New tools can help election administrators run elections more smoothly, serve voters, and save time and money. Did we mention they’re free and easy-to-use?