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Natalie Adona's photo

Election Security and the 2016 Voter Experience

By Natalie Adona / 2016 December 2nd

A deeper look at the data from our survey on voters' experience with the elections system in 2016 shows that while most voters had a pleasant voting experience, deep concerns exist about the integrity of American elections. Read More

Emma Thomson's photo

6 Things To Know On #GivingTuesday

By Emma Thomson / 2016 November 29th

As Americans head back to work with full hearts after Thanksgiving, we have an annual opportunity to support nonprofit organizations in the work they do year round. Read More

Paul Waters's photo

Starting With Community: From Civic Journalism to Community Engagement

By Paul Waters / 2016 November 7th

Reorientation of local journalism towards engaged journalism is critical to fostering a thriving journalism landscape and a more engaged democracy. Read More

Joe Goldman's photo

An Ode to the Great American Concession Speech

By Joe Goldman / 2016 November 7th

After the voters speak and the polls close, it will be time for another crucial hallmark of American democracy — the concession speech. In every election, at the very moment political tension threatens to tear us apart, the concession speech intervenes to bring us back together. Read More

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Progress Report Shows Promising Gains for Voting Access & Efficiency

By Stacey Scholl / 2016 October 20th

Major gains have been made in modernizing voter registration systems, expanding early voting and access to voting, reducing lines and improving polling place management, and modernizing voting technology. Read More

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