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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is responsive to the public and able to meet the greatest challenges facing our nation.

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Who we invest in

CJR’s United States Project

Through criticism and analysis of political journalism, Columbia Journalism Review’s United States Project seeks to improve reporters' strategies and practices so they may quiet the din of misinformation and distortion and provide voters with important news and spin-free facts.

“Rare is the day when the national media isn’t blanketed with commentary assessing its every move. Yet virtually uncovered is the important journalism being done by local reporters around the country whose work greatly impacts the lives of citizens and the workings of government. This project aims to change that.”

Liz Spayd
Editor in Chief





$450,000 over two years in 2011. Up to $400,000 over two years in 2014.

Why We Invested

CJR’s United States Project uses state-based correspondents to more intensively focus media criticism and press freedom at the local level, where the quality of media coverage can be essential for voters to understand the issues and make informed choices. This unique approach to improving the quality of information available to voters directly targets some of the incentives that drive the behavior of journalists and has great potential to improve the quality of political coverage.

How You Can Get Involved

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