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Listening to Our Grantees: Lessons from our Second Grantee Perception Survey

By Joe Goldman / 2018 July 11th

​Last year, Democracy Fund took part in our second Grantee Perception Survey. We are grateful to our grantees for their thoughtful and detailed feedback, and this blog post provides an update on what we heard and what we’ve committed to doing differently. Read More

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Congress Needs Modern Tech to Keep Up with Constituents’ Needs. Here’s How Philanthropy Can Help.

By Chris Nehls / 2018 July 10th

Although civic engagement is essential to our democracy, Congress sorely lacks the resources needed to keep up with the staggering volume of constituent communication. The challenges are so fundamental that even modest levels of funding can create transformative change—and a stronger democracy will be the ROI. Read More

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Election Security Preparation for the 2018 Midterms

By Lindsay Daniels / 2018 June 28th

The Senate Rules and Administration Committee — the committee with jurisdiction over federal election issues — recently hosted their first hearing on election security since the 2016 election. The hearing was a long-overdue opportunity for state and local election officials and Congress to talk about how they can work together to improve our nation’s election integrity, following the attempts made in 2016 to interfere in the last Presidential election. Read More


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