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Tammy Patrick's photo

2017 Lessons Can Improve the Vote-By-Mail Experience in 2018

By Tammy Patrick / 2018 May 14th

As vote-by-mail becomes more widely used in elections across the U.S., we offer a few quick tips for elections administrators and voters that can help ensure all eligible ballots are received and counted. Read More

Natalie Adona's photo

DF-LEO: Understanding Elections through Local Election Officials

By Natalie Adona / 2018 April 24th

In partnership with Reed College, Democracy Fund is launching a new survey of local election officials intended to amplify their voices in national, state, and regional conversations about election administration and reform. Read More

Josh Stearns's photo

A Special Project to Defend America’s Fourth Estate

By Josh Stearns / 2018 April 24th

Alarmed by escalating political attacks against journalists and concerned about what those threats meant for the public’s access to information, Democracy Fund has launched a special project focused specifically on bolstering and defending journalism’s ability to serve as a robust fourth estate. Read More


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