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I’m Risk-Averse, But That Doesn’t Mean I Have To Like It

By Liz Ruedy / 2020 February 3rd

As a strategy, evaluation and learning specialist, I’m trained in a certain style of decision-making that includes consulting the relevant evidence base, triangulating my analysis, and deliberately surfacing any potential biases and assumptions. I try to make sure my decisions are thoughtful, informed, and focused on achieving the best possible outcome. But often, this means that my decisions are also not what I’d describe as bold. So while I’m often the one advising people to be more deliberate and methodical in their decision-making, I’m secretly a little envious of people who seem so ready to take those big leaps of faith. Read More

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Improving Motor Voter Registration: A Colorado Case Study

By Lisa Danetz / 2020 January 9th

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) officials handle 45% of the nation’s voter registration activity. Colorado, in particular, has stood out as a state that has implemented one of the more modern, collaborative, and user-friendly motor voter registration systems in the country. Read More

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2019 Reflections and the Journey Ahead

By Joe Goldman / 2019 December 20th

2019 has seen numerous important victories and signs of progress that give me faith for the journey ahead. And I know we aren’t in this fight alone, we stand alongside countless others who are also working to ensure that our democracy delivers on its promise to the American people. As the year comes to a close, I want to share a few of Democracy Fund’s 2019 highlights with you. Read More


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