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Welcoming New Teammates

By Joe Goldman / 2016 May 16th

As we near the Democracy Fund’s two-year Independence anniversary, we are delighted to welcome three new staff members to our team. Read More

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Strengthening our Systems Thinking Muscles

By Donata Secondo / 2016 April 20th

Reflecting on what has been hard to see in the sometimes tedious day-to-day of map-building: just how strong our systems muscles are becoming. Read More

Betsy Wright Hawkings's photo

Deconstructing Congressional Dysfunction: A Systems-based Approach

By Betsy Wright Hawkings / 2016 April 11th

In my years of service on Capitol Hill, I saw first hand that Congress is full of good people driven to make our world a better place. Yet for far too many Americans, Congress is not fulfilling its responsibilities as a representative body. Why? And can it be helped? Read More

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New Faces at the Democracy Fund

By Joe Goldman / 2016 April 6th

The Democracy Fund is a group of remarkably passionate, dedicated people who strive every day to make our democracy work better and we are delighted to welcome several new members to our team. Read More

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The Language Barrier in the Voting Booth

By Terry Ao Minnis / 2016 April 4th

We need to work harder to make it as easy to vote for Americans who struggle with English as it is for everyone else. Read More

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Mapping Systems is… Complex

By Joe Goldman / 2016 March 31st

The Democracy Fund has spent the past year experimenting with a methodology to map the dynamic patterns and causal relationships that shape how systems involved with local journalism, elections, and Congress are influencing the health of our democracy. Here's what we've learned so far. Read More

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Democracy Fund Announces Bipartisan National Advisory Committee

By Democracy Fund / 2016 March 29th

The Democracy Fund is pleased to welcome 12 advisors from both sides of the political spectrum, representing government, academia, and advocacy. Read More

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Mapping to Learn: Applying a Systems Lens to Local Journalism

By Tom Glaisyer / 2016 March 28th

After working collaboratively with experts, journalists, funders, and other stakeholders over the past year, our new systems map illustrates the major forces and trends driving the evolution of local news and supporting and inhibiting the public’s ability to be informed and engaged. Read More

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The 5 Principles of Integrity in Elections

By Paul DeGregorio / 2016 February 29th

As this election year unfolds, our voting process will face intense scrutiny. A commitment to ethics is essential. Read More

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New ‘Healthy Congress’ Report Shows Signs of Hope

By Betsy Wright Hawkings / 2016 February 2nd

The Bipartisan Policy Center has released its latest quarterly assessment of Congress’s ability to effectively govern. The diagnosis? There are signs of hope, but still too little function in the system. Read More

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