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States Are Falling Short In Providing Voter Access

By Adam Ambrogi / 2015 November 30th

Shelley Zelda Small, a 62-year-old Los Angeles resident, has voted in every election since she was 19 years old. But when she arrived at her local... Read More

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Rock the Vote Today…and Everyday

By Adam Ambrogi / 2015 November 5th

In "O Brother Where Art Thou," the Soggy Bottom Boys are unmasked as a bunch of escaped prison convicts. Attempts to cart them away are foiled when the raucous crowd, loving the musical session... Read More

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We’re Hiring!

By Democracy Fund / 2015 October 27th

Just 15 months since we became an independent private foundation, we’re now ready for our next stage of... Read More

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Signs of Life in the Healthy Congress Index and New Hampshire

By Betsy Wright Hawkings / 2015 October 23rd

There’s some irony in the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) releasing its third quarterly Healthy Congress Index two weeks after House Republicans... Read More

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Preparing Today to Meet and Manage the Challenges of Elections in 2016

By Paul DeGregorio / 2015 October 14th

It’s 2015, months away from the first presidential primary and more than a year away from the presidential election. Election officials often hear... Read More

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Approaching Democracy as a Complex System

By Joe Goldman / 2015 August 10th

The Democracy Fund has adopted approaches informed by systems thinking to improve our ability to achieve our goals of making our democracy work better. Read More

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New Research Reveals Stark Local News Gaps in New Jersey

By Tom Glaisyer / 2015 August 6th

Pronounced gaps in the availability of journalism across differing communities extends to quantity and quality disparities. Read More

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Live from Austin: The 2015 Knight News Challenge Winners

By Paul Waters / 2015 July 22nd

The wide range of solutions the winners will deploy seek to inform voters about the candidates and issues at both... Read More

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Guest Post: New API Research shows Growth of Fact Checking and Partisan Challenges

By Jane Elizabeth / 2015 April 22nd

The amount of fact-checking journalism produced in the United States is increasing dramatically, and while there are limits to... Read More

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Hacking Congress

By Lliam Morrison / 2015 April 17th

Ever wondered what it would look like if Congress worked a bit more like a tech innovator in Silicon... Read More

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