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2014 for 2016: Supporting Innovations in Voter Information

By Tom Glaisyer / 2014 October 16th

Last week, we shared our early research on voter information platforms and the breadth of exciting new organizations that our research unearthed. The impetus: The Hewlett Foundation, the Rita Allen Foundation and the Democracy Fund all share an interest in better equipping voters with the information they need: to participate in elections, vote in ways that reflect their interests, understand candidate positions and ballot issues, and to keep track of their representatives. Read More

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The Rapidly Expanding Field of “Voter Information Platforms”

By Tom Glaisyer / 2014 October 8th

How will voters find information in 2014? For those who care about US democracy, this question is front and center in a world where both the structure of the news media and the channels through which voters get information are in flux. Read More

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Guest Post: First State-Wide Partnership Brings Voter Registration Services to 850,000 Students

By Seth Flaxman / 2014 August 1st

Back in January of 2012, TurboVote had one partner school, our first grant had only just come in, and I was struggling with how... Read More

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Guest Post: API seeks Best-Practices and New Tools for Fact-Checking

By Jane Elizabeth / 2014 July 22nd

Technology and research drive the American Press Institute's Fact-Checking Project, which aims to give journalists and newsrooms new ways to get information right. Read More

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The Democracy Fund Relaunches as an Independent Foundation

By Joe Goldman / 2014 June 30th

When Pierre asked me in the Spring of 2011 to develop a new democracy program, I could not have imagined the incredible journey... Read More

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Local Journalism - What will the new ecosystem look like?

By Tom Glaisyer / 2014 January 16th

Read More

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A Farewell to AmericaSpeaks

By Joe Goldman / 2014 January 2nd

One of the leading innovators in the field of public deliberation, AmericaSpeaks, recently announced that it is closing its doors after almost 20 years in operation. It seems appropriate to take this moment to reflect on what AmericaSpeaks is leaving behind. Read More

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Guest Post: The Role of Ranked Choice Voting in 2013

By Rob Richie / 2013 December 19th

FairVote examines the success of Ranked Choice Voting during the 2013 Elections Read More

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Guest Post:New Report Evaluates the Use of Google Hangouts and Other Formats for Public Deliberation

By Peter Levine / 2013 November 25th

This is the seventh in a series of blog posts by CIRCLE, which evaluated several initiatives funded by the Democracy Fund to inform and engage voters during the 2012 election. These posts discuss issues of general interest that emerged from specific evaluations. Read More

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Guest Post: The State Open Campaign System: Technology for Cleaner, Fairer Campaigns

By John Kaehny / 2013 October 25th

John Kaehny gives an overview of the State Open Campaign System; a newblueprint for an affordable, state-of-the-art campaign finance reporting system. Read More

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