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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

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Stewards of Democracy: The Views of American Local Election Officials

By Natalie Adona / 2019 June 26th

Stewards of Democracy: The Views of American Local Election Officials details the findings of the Democracy Fund-Reed College 2018 Survey of Local Election Officials (2018 LEO Survey), designed to capture the collective experience of officials across the country, and to help us learn more about their perspectives on election administration, access, integrity, and reform. Read More

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Announcing a New Fund for Investing in Faith in Democracy

By Chris Crawford / 2019 June 3rd

In collaboration with The Fetzer Institute and Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE), Democracy Fund is excited to announce a new pooled investment fund focused on supporting faith-based initiatives and bold leaders who are working to unify Americans and promote our shared democratic values. Read More

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Knowing It’s Right: Limiting the Risk of Certifying Elections

By Tammy Patrick / 2019 May 22nd

The what and the how of Risk-Limiting Audits are not well understood by many. Jennifer Morrell’s new, two-part report explores how election officials administer RLAs—saving time, taxpayer money, and ensuring that election results are correct. Read More

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What We Learned Through NewsMatch Can Help All of Local News

By Josh Stearns / 2019 May 14th

By raising awareness, capacity, and dollars for local newsrooms, NewsMatch helped make 2018 a record-breaking year for giving to nonprofit journalism. Here's how. Read More

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New Report: Challenges and Opportunities for Hispanic Media in the Digital Age

By Jessica Retis / 2019 May 13th

Author Jessica Retis highlights major trends and challenges for Hispanic media in today’s digital age and offers recommendations for funders and advocates who want to support the growth of Hispanic media to serve bilingual and bicultural audiences in the United States. Read More

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Announcing the Legal Clinic Fund: Strengthening Legal Support for Local News

By Estizer Smith / 2019 May 9th

Threats to press freedom are threats to democracy. Our new Legal Clinic Fund will help ensure newsrooms have access to legal support for first amendment defense, media access, and transparency. Read More

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As We Wait for Attorney General Barr to Release the Mueller Report, What Foundations Should Do

By Joe Goldman / 2019 April 12th

Foundations are in a special position to invest in groups that will fix the problems in elections revealed by the inquiry and those that seek to restore faith in our democratic norms. Read More

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Celebrating Women Who Are Making Democracy Stronger

By Anne Gleich / 2019 March 26th

As Democracy Fund commemorates Women’s History Month, we also want to celebrate and thank our incredible women-led and women-focused grantees who are making their mark on history right now by working for a stronger, healthier American democracy. Read More

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Supporting Independent Journalists and Nonprofit Newsrooms in a Time of Unprecedented Threats

By Estizer Smith / 2019 March 25th

In an environment where newsrooms of every size are struggling to respond to growing political attacks and legal threats, independent journalists and small nonprofit newsrooms are hit particularly hard. Democracy Fund is expanding our efforts to support press freedom, including new 2019 initiatives around legal clinics, insurance infrastructure, and online harassment. Read More

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Elections Program Research: Winter 2019 Roundup

By Sarah Cole / 2019 March 18th

Learn about the latest election research from the Southern Political Science Association, new youth voter turnout research from the Center for Information and Research on Civil Learning, and preview results from our upcoming survey of local election officials. Read More

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