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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

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Not Just Another Election Year: Reflections on Defending Democracy in 2018

By Joe Goldman / 2018 December 20th

Across the nation, I see dedicated Americans standing up for the type of democracy they want and working daily to build it. Here are some of the ways our grantees and partners have helped to strengthen and defend our democracy this year. Read More

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Constructive Oversight in the Newly Elected Congress

By Lara Flint / 2018 November 27th

The first-ever Oversight Summit convened experts from nonprofits, think tanks, Congress, and the executive branch to share best practices and strategies for improving oversight of and by the federal government and featured organizations across the political spectrum working to support meaningful oversight, transparency, and accountability efforts. Read More

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Building a Team to Invest in Democracy

By Lauren Strayer / 2018 November 26th

Democracy Fund is creating a new program to help educate and engage philanthropists seeking to invest in the health of our democracy. Read More

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Op-Ed: How Philanthropy Can Do More to Stand Up for America’s Democracy

By Joe Goldman / 2018 November 25th

As philanthropic leaders, we find it especially challenging to know what our role should be at a time like this. We represent nonpartisan institutions concerned about issues as disparate as civic engagement, civil rights, the environment, the arts, and more. Read More

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New Report Highlights State of American Indian Media Today

By Jodi Rave / 2018 November 20th

News organizations in Indian Country are grappling with many of the same challenges around sustainability that face the rest of the journalism industry, but it is exacerbated by low levels of philanthropic support. Read More

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Learning from History to Plan for What’s Next

By Joe Goldman / 2018 November 7th

Understanding the experiences of other democracies can help us grapple with challenges we are experiencing today, and plan for those that may lie ahead. Democracy Fund invited Rachel Kleinfeld and David Solimini of the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace to write What Comes Next? Lessons for the Recovery of Liberal Democracy to tackle just this question. Read More

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Local Officials Working to Make Your Vote Secure

By Adam Ambrogi / 2018 November 6th

As the nation gears up for what could be one of the most historic mid-term elections, it’s important to separate the misconceptions from realities when assessing the safety and security of our elections. Read More

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Supporting Listening, Learning, and Community Connection for a Stronger Democracy

By Laura Maristany / 2018 November 5th

Rising extremism and tribalism threatens democracy here at home and around the world. Learn how Democracy Fund is partnering with universities, think tanks, and nonprofit organizations to foster constructive dialogue between leaders from diverse communities and across the political spectrum. Read More

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A Bold Funder Collaboration Focuses on Supporting Journalism that Strengthens Democracy

By Josh Stearns / 2018 November 1st

NewsMatch 2018 launches with new funders, new newsrooms, new chances to support local news and investigative reporting, and more than $3 million in matching dollars for nonprofit news organizations. Read More

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Key to Trusted Elections: Understanding the Voter Experience

By Natalie Adona / 2018 October 18th

Our new report offers insight into the individual-level decision to vote or not, the public’s’ knowledge and application of voter registration requirements the over all voter experience and the public’s trust and confidence in U.S. elections. Read More

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