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Ensuring Language Access for Minority Voters Relies on a Fair and Accurate Census

By Terry Ao Minnis / 2018 April 17th

​We are a mere two years out from “Census Day” 2020 — April 1, 2020 — and we need all hands on deck to ensure a fair and accurate census. The census is paramount for a multitude of reasons — the data are used to make critical decisions in distributing over $600 billion annually in federal spending, developing legislation, making business decisions, and for federal, state, and local planning. On a more foundational level, the census is a pillar of our democracy. Read More

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Strengthening Democracy by Supporting a Just and Inclusive Society

By Nadia Firozvi / 2018 April 16th

​At Democracy Fund, we believe in the dignity of every individual and in the equal protection of their rights under the law. All people have intrinsic value and dignity, and bigotry in any form undermines our democracy. When these values are threatened, we will stand up to protect and preserve fundamental individual rights as enshrouded in the United States Constitution. Read More

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Democracy Fund and Omidyar Network Support Independent Analysis of Facebook’s Role in Elections

By Tom Glaisyer / 2018 April 9th

Today’s Facebook announcement is an important first step in addressing how it is shaping and influencing our democracy. Independent research is crucial to finding solutions to the spread of viral deceptions, increased polarization, targeting of vulnerable populations, and threats to election integrity. Read More

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Defending Democracy and the Rule of Law through Accountability and Oversight

By Lara Flint / 2018 April 2nd

To ensure that checks and balances, separation of powers, rule of law, and accountability aren’t just Washington buzzwords, we’re supporting leaders and organizations from across the political spectrum who are working to strengthen the foundational principles and institutions of our democracy. Read More

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Our special projects to defend democracy

By Lauren Strayer / 2018 March 27th

Four new special projects aim to strengthen the checks and balances that help Americans hold our government accountable, support people and institutions under attack, and help our leaders better understand trends in public opinion that have produced today's politics. Read More

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New York Times Op-Ed: Is Trump Giving Authoritarianism a Bad Name?

By Joe Goldman / 2018 March 20th

In the past two years, a wave of distressing commentary has stressed the fragility of American democracy and the potential, inspired by President Trump, for emerging authoritarianism. But a year into the Trump administration, Americans are rejecting authoritarian alternatives to democracy. Read More

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How do you know that learning has happened?

By Srik Gopal / 2018 March 7th

​Learning is having its moment in philanthropy. So how does one know that learning has, in fact, happened? Read More

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Democracy Fund Welcomes New Teammates

By Margaret Yao / 2018 February 26th

​Diverse perspectives inform us, passion for impact fuels us, and the power of action together ignites us. As Chief People Officer of the Democracy Fund, I am inspired by the individuals with whom I work side by side - and even more excited by the alchemy generated by each of our teams. Read More

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The Ones Who Care

By Laura Maristany / 2018 February 23rd

As we welcome a new year — and inch closer to midterm elections — the makeup of our current Congress continues to gain attention. With growing frustration around their perceived dysfunction, the need for leadership development, and particularly, candidate development programs across the nation have become a topic of national concern. Read More

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$3.25 Million to Support Knight First Amendment Institute

By Tom Glaisyer / 2018 February 22nd

Today, Democracy Fund with our colleagues at First Look Media announced a general operating support grant of $3.25 million to support the Institute because their research, litigation, and public education efforts are an important building block in our support for First Amendment freedoms — especially our commitment to ensuring freedom of the press. Read More

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