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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

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NewsMatch Leads to Record Setting Year for Nonprofit News

By Josh Stearns / 2018 February 14th

​The results are in, and NewsMatch was a resounding success. Nearly every one of the more than 100 newsrooms who participated raised more dollars from more donors than ever before. Read More

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Local People Will Create the Future of Local News

By Teresa Gorman / 2018 February 7th

Today we are announcing two new locally-based and locally-driven funds — totaling more than $2 million — that will invest in ideas, people and organizations that are work to ensure people have access to the news and information they need in these communities. The funds will focus on building more healthy news ecosystems as a vital part of just communities and a healthy democracy. Read More

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A New Fund Aims to Put the Public Back into the Public Square

By Paul Waters / 2018 January 23rd

​Today four foundations are announcing a new joint fund designed to fuel a new era of journalism rooted in listening to communities. The Community Listening and Engagement Fund (CLEF) is dedicated to helping news organizations better listen, engage, and produce more relevant content for the communities they serve. Read More

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Welcome to the Family — becomes a Democracy Fund Project

By Stacey Scholl / 2018 January 3rd

We are excited to welcome as a Democracy Fund project and to continue working with Mindy Moretti as the site editor. Read More

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Celebrating Civility in 2017

By Betsy Wright Hawkings / 2017 December 19th

At a time when some are uncertain about the strength of our democracy, organizations supported by Democracy Fund give me reason to feel grateful, and hopeful. Read More

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News Match Grows as New Funders Step Up to Support Nonprofit News

By Josh Stearns / 2017 November 20th

More than 20 new challenge grants mobilize thousands of new people to donate to local and investigative reporting. Read More

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Five Tips for Learning-Focused Meetings

By Donata Secondo / 2017 November 15th

Philanthropy is getting smarter about learning — but making space for learning can be a challenge. Here are some tips to help you bring a learning mindset to your meetings. Read More

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Recruiting Poll Workers from Outside the Box

By Terry Ao Minnis / 2017 November 6th

For language minority voters, poll workers can make or break the success of their voting experience. To recruit quality poll workers, jurisdictions must have a proactive recruitment plan in place and must look at innovative ways to encourage people to serve. Read More

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Competent Poll Workers Bolstered Voters’ Confidence in 2016

By Jack Santucci / 2017 November 1st

Americans rely on poll workers to understand and help voters navigate election processes. To further promote trust in elections, election officials and advocates should continue to support poll workers’ success. Read More

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Is Social Media a Threat to Democracy?

By Tom Glaisyer / 2017 October 4th

Today The Omidyar Group released a paper co-authored by me and two colleagues at Omidyar Network on the role of social media platforms on democracy and the public square. Read More

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