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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

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Joe Goldman's photo

Remembering Michael Cromartie

By Joe Goldman / 2017 September 5th

Joe Goldman and Chris Crawford remember our friend Michael Cromartie, a tireless fighter for democratic values. Read More

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Understanding Trust to Strengthen Democracy

By Srik Gopal / 2017 August 21st

In this blog, we share three important lessons we’ve learned about trust and discuss how we’ve started applying these lessons to Democracy Fund’s work. Read More

Natalie Adona's photo

Inaugural Election Sciences Conference Kicks Off in Portland, Oregon

By Natalie Adona / 2017 August 9th

Conference organizers successfully brought together a mix of election officials, advocates, civic tech experts, academics and students to discuss election administration and the importance of establishing networks to share learnings. Read More

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New Report Highlights Challenges to Congress’ Capacity to Perform Their Role in Democracy

By Chris Nehls / 2017 August 7th

New research from the Congressional Management Foundation reveals congressional staff are dissatisfied with their ability to perform key aspects of their jobs, which they understand are vital to the function of the institution. Read More

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Key to Public Trust: A Congress that Looks Like America

By Laura Maristany / 2017 July 12th

Understanding that diversity is key to healthy institutions, we're investing in the Joint Center and NALEO—two organizations working to help Congress recruit, train, and place talented people of color to serve in government. Read More

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Mapping the Legislative Ecosystem

By Chris Nehls / 2017 July 5th

We joined OpenGov and Demand Progress to explain how the legislative data community can use our systems map on Congress to support meaningful reform and innovation. Read More

Betsy Wright Hawkings's photo

America needs a national dialogue to heal our political battle wounds

By Betsy Wright Hawkings / 2017 June 26th

To truly address what ails our democracy, we must find a way for Democrats, Republicans and Independents to begin talking with — and listening to — each other again, and rebuild their trust in their fellow Americans. Read More

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20 Projects Receive Funding to Combat Misinformation and Build a More Trustworthy Public Square

By Josh Stearns / 2017 June 22nd

The Knight Foundation, Democracy Fund, and Rita Allen Foundation announced today that twenty projects seeking to improve the flow of accurate information will split $1 million to explore and develop early-stage ideas, programs, and prototypes. Read More

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Announcing News Match 2017: $2 Million Fund Will Match Donations to Nonprofit Newsrooms

By Tom Glaisyer / 2017 June 21st

Democracy Fund and Knight Foundation are pledging $2 million in 2017 to kick off a campaign to support nonprofit journalism. Read More

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Welcoming Tammy Patrick to Democracy Fund’s Elections Program

By Democracy Fund / 2017 May 12th

As Senior Advisor, Tammy will help lead the Democracy Fund’s efforts to foster a voter-centric elections system and work to provide election officials across the country with the tools and knowledge they need to best serve their voters. Read More

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