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News Match Launches With $3 Million in Matching Funds for Nonprofit Newsrooms Across the Country

By Josh Stearns / 2017 October 2nd

We're teaming up with Knight Foundation and the MacArthur to double donations to nonprofit newsrooms. Join us and help strengthen the free press and restore trust in media. Read More

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Key to Healthy Democracy: Modern, Secure Elections

By Adam Ambrogi / 2017 September 28th

We invested in the Center for Democracy and Technology because technology experts and election professionals need a reliable and trusted cybersecurity resource. Joe Lorenzo Hall and the CDT team will create opportunities for learning and collaboration, and equip election officials with the solutions they need to protect voters and encourage participation in future elections. Read More

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How Is Philanthropy Working to Rebuild Trust in the Public Square?

By Josh Stearns / 2017 September 27th

Josh Stearns writes about the prevalence of misinformation and why it’s important for our country to reclaim “truth” and regain trust in our democratic institutions, including the press. He shares some of the innovative trust-building efforts underway and how grantmakers can support them. Read More

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Sneak Peek: New Data on What Americans Think About Voter Registration

By Natalie Adona / 2017 September 22nd

As National Voter Registration Day approaches, we're sharing new insights into how the American public views the voter registration process. Read More

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Elevating Constructive Voices to Disrupt Polarization

By Laura Maristany / 2017 September 12th

Innovative organizations are trying to ease hyper-partisanship by promoting civil dialogue, fostering collaboration, and embracing common-sense reforms and breakthrough ideas. Read More

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Tackling Challenges in Election Administration and Voting Using an Ecosystem Approach

By Adam Ambrogi / 2017 September 11th

Through collaboration with advocates, academics, election officials, and policy experts, our Election Administration and Voting System Map will help inform our thinking about American elections and our strategies for improving them. Read More

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Remembering Michael Cromartie

By Joe Goldman / 2017 September 5th

Joe Goldman and Chris Crawford remember our friend Michael Cromartie, a tireless fighter for democratic values. Read More

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Understanding Trust to Strengthen Democracy

By Srik Gopal / 2017 August 21st

In this blog, we share three important lessons we’ve learned about trust and discuss how we’ve started applying these lessons to Democracy Fund’s work. Read More

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Inaugural Election Sciences Conference Kicks Off in Portland, Oregon

By Natalie Adona / 2017 August 9th

Conference organizers successfully brought together a mix of election officials, advocates, civic tech experts, academics and students to discuss election administration and the importance of establishing networks to share learnings. Read More

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New Report Highlights Challenges to Congress’ Capacity to Perform Their Role in Democracy

By Chris Nehls / 2017 August 7th

New research from the Congressional Management Foundation reveals congressional staff are dissatisfied with their ability to perform key aspects of their jobs, which they understand are vital to the function of the institution. Read More

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