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How Will Technology Reshape the Way We Think about Elections and Campaign Finance?

By Joe Goldman / 2015 February 19th

Tomorrow, leading technologists from Silicon Valley, political consultants, commissioners from the FEC, and academics will come together at a conference sponsored by the Democracy Fund to discuss how emerging technology will impact campaign communication, mobilization, and fundraising in the future.

“The Campaign of the Future” has been organized by Stanford Professor Nate Persily and Ben Ginsberg, the former National Counsel to the Romney campaign. It will take place on February 20, from 9 AM to 4 PM, at the Bechtel Conference Center at Stanford.

The full conference agenda may be found here and will include discussions about such questions as:

  • How dominant will TV advertising, and other traditional media, be in the coming campaign and when, if ever, should we expect their relative demise?
  • How have big data innovations transformed the relevant players (both insiders and outsiders) in political campaigns?
  • How will technological advances alter the methods of campaign financing?
  • How do new technologies affect the nature and tone of campaign fundraising appeals?
  • Do new campaign technologies present different policy challenges than their predecessors?
  • Does the anonymous nature of internet communication present unique obstacles for disclosure?
  • How must a policy paradigm developed in the 1970s be altered to account for the nature of a Twenty-First Century campaign?

The conference will be audio streamed at the following link.

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