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Major Foundation Leaders Call for Protecting the Independence of Special Counsel Investigation

By Democracy Fund / 2018 November 19th

More than 40 leaders of nonpartisan philanthropic organizations representing more than 20 billion dollars in assets express deep concern about threats to the rule of law. Read More

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Statement on the Resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

By Democracy Fund / 2018 November 8th

Our system of government relies on an impartial adherence to the rule of law. Everyone who cares about a responsive, healthy democracy must make our voices heard: The special counsel investigation must continue unimpeded. Read More

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New Study Confirms Majority of Americans Have Confidence in the Integrity and Results of Elections

By Democracy Fund / 2018 October 18th

New Democracy Fund report shows that while most Americans approve of the job their election officials are doing and trust the results of the election, confusion about voting processes and lack of information about candidates are the top reasons people decide not to vote. Read More

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Journalism Funders Call on Newsrooms to Respond to ASNE Diversity Survey

By Democracy Fund / 2018 September 20th

The American Society of News Editors has taken the rare step of extending the deadline of its annual Newsroom Employment Diversity Survey after receiving a less than 14% response rate. Today, we're calling on newsrooms to respond. Read More

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Voter Study Group Releases New Reports on Voter Attitudes Towards Muslims and Checks and Balances

By Democracy Fund / 2018 June 6th

New reports from the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group reveal mixed signals about support for traditional pillars of democracy: Americans strongly support Congressional oversight of the executive branch and believe the president is subject to courts and law. However, support is lower for media scrutiny of the president and attitudes toward Muslim Americans suggest a troubling lack of commitment to religious diversity. Read More

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Democracy Fund, Humanity United, and Omidyar Network Denounce U.S. Family Separation Policy

By Democracy Fund / 2018 June 1st

In response to the U.S. government’s policy separating parents and children seeking asylum, Democracy Fund, Omidyar Network’s Governance and Citizen Engagement initiative, and Humanity United released the following statement. Read More

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Democracy Fund, Omidyar Network Support Independent, Diverse, and Transparent Analysis of Facebook

By Democracy Fund / 2018 April 9th

Democracy Fund and Omidyar Network have joined an effort led by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to address how Facebook’s algorithms and vast storehouses of data are shaping elections and democratic life. Read More

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While Most Americans Prefer Democracy, More Than One in Four Express Sympathy for Authoritarianism

By Democracy Fund / 2018 March 13th

Voter Study Group report questions conventional wisdom that democracy is in decline, but finds concerning trends as authoritarian support consolidates among Trump supporters Read More

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The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University to receive grants totaling $6.5 million

By Democracy Fund / 2018 February 22nd

The Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University announced today that Democracy Fund, First Look Media, and the Charles Koch Foundation will provide a total of $6.5 million to support the Institute's work defending the freedoms of speech and the press. Read More

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NewsMatch Raises $4.8 Million for Nonprofit News

By Democracy Fund / 2018 February 14th

NewsMatch 2017 raised more than $4.8 million from individual donors and a coalition of foundations to support more than 100 local and investigative nonprofit news organizations. This makes NewsMatch 2017 the largest-ever grassroots fundraising campaign to support local nonprofit and investigative news, during a record-breaking year overall for charitable giving to journalism. Read More

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