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Statement on the Planned Declaration of a National Emergency at the Southern Border

By Democracy Fund / 2019 February 14th

Democracy Fund President Joe Goldman issued the following statement in response to President Trump’s planned declaration of a national emergency at the southern border:

President Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency to secure funding for a wall at our southern border — which he has justified using racist and xenophobic language — demonstrates his willingness to use authoritarian methods to circumvent our system of checks and balances.

President Trump’s actions are the real emergency. The temptation for a president to aggrandize power is precisely why the framers of the Constitution created three co-equal branches of government — each to check the others. That the president would declare a manufactured national emergency when he cannot get what he wants from Congress is the essence of undemocratic behavior. Congress and the courts must step in and constrain this abuse of executive power.

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