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German Marshall Fund: Alliance for Securing Democracy

Alliance for Securing Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States, is a bipartisan and transatlantic initiative seeking to develop comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs of efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions by foreign actors.


American democracy is under considerable pressure, including new threats rising from major technological advances. The Alliance for Securing Democracy is seeking to forge partnerships with political leaders, policymakers, like-minded institutions, and technical experts to address the urgent need to secure democratic institutions, create a common understanding of the techniques used to undermine democracies, and share lessons learned about effective defensive and deterrent strategies.

Our support assists the Alliance for Securing Democracy expand their capacity to identify and support the best methods of pushing back on foreign threats to the U.S. political system. Alliance for Securing Democracy will help ensure that our democracies are resistant to foreign interference in the future by shining a bright light on these tactics, reducing vulnerabilities in our systems, and raising the cost to those that seek to undermine democratic institutions.


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Total Commitment

2018: $300,000 2017: $300,000