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Face the Facts

Face the Facts USA delivered provocative facts about big issues to help Americans debunk myths, hold better conversations, get involved, and make choices as smarter citizens around the 2012 election. Currently on hiatus, Face the Facts, is a project of The George Washington University’s Center for Innovative Media at the GW School of Media and Public Affairs in partnership with AmericaSpeaks.

About the project

Face the Facts USA sliced through the hyperbole, spin, and slant that gunked up the biggest issues facing America in 2012 and 2013 – and presented exhaustively researched and vetted facts in a compelling, easy-to-digest way. The partnership between George Washington University and AmericaSpeaks provided an important platform for how innovative uses of the media can be leveraged to engage the American public and create a more informed, engaged electorate.


  • Non-partisan, provocative information in the form of 200 vetted facts in 240 days delivered not only in narrative form, but as infographics, or summarized in tweets.
  • Wide distribution through a variety of direct channels online and indirectly through radio, television, print and online news partners.
  • A range of conventional and interactive resources including discussion guides and issue primers to support engagement. These were augmented by Google Hangouts and Spreecasts that provided opportunities to engage with the content in structured discussions with participants remotely.
  • 6 hours of broadcast programming were created that centered on facts augmented with innovative live interactive audience input elements for those in the auditorium and also watching online.
  • Many insights around the relative effectiveness of the different mediums through which the facts were shared were gained,