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Cato Institute: Deepbills Project

The Cato Institute's Deepbills Project aims to help media, policymakers, and advocates better track and analyze the impact of legislation through the use of rich semantic data.

Why We Invested

The length and complexity of federal legislation combined with the pace of congressional debate can stymy policymakers, media, and advocacy organizations trying to assess the potential impact of new laws. In response, the Deepbills data project aims to help demystify and upgrade the legislative drafting and analysis processes. Using XML, a markup language used to create websites and apps, Deepbills provides rich semantic data, such as which agencies, laws, and budgets are affected by a piece of legislation. Over time, we hope this approach is adopted broadly and foster the creation of new platforms that help increase transparency and give media, advocates, and the public a more complete view of legislative proposals more quickly.

How to Get Involved

Visit to use the XML versions of federal legislation produced by the Deepbills project.