Democracy Fund

The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

Democracy Fund

Election Reformers Network

The Election Reformers Network advances nonpartisan reforms addressing significant problems in U.S. democracy, in coordination with other reform organizations, and works to strengthen the reform movement in the United States through the interjection of information on global best practices in democratic institution-building.

Why We Invested

The Election Reformers Network is comprised of international election experts that are leveraging their experience to relevant US election challenges. The Chief Election Officer Conflict of Interest Project will present analyses of the instances, dating back to the 2000 election, when a state’s chief election official competes for elected office or publicly supports a competing candidate or party. Based on this research, the project will identify possible policy solutions to reforming the way that partisan election officials operate when conflicts of interest arise.

Total Commitment

2019: $100,000