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Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority Interests in Media

The Emma L. Bowen Foundation (EBF) for Minority Interests in Media is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create career opportunities in the media industry for young people of color through a program that focuses on scholastic achievement, direct work experience, and professional development.


This is a two-year, $500,000 general operating grant to support Emma Bowen as it seeks to diversify the media industry through championing undergraduates of color.Their summer fellowships, hiring program, and alumni network ensure students of color have the training, tools, and resources they need to thrive in journalism, while they continue to develop their partnerships with media—corporate, nonprofit, and local—to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion is prioritized across the field.

We are proud to support them as they continue the work of strengthening and expanding diverse news outlets across this country.


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Total Commitment

2019: Up to $500,000 over two years. 2017: Up to $300,000 over two years.