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Ethics & Public Policy Center: Faith Angle Forum

The Faith Angle Forum brings together politically diverse groups of journalists to discuss issues related to religion and public policy in order to better inform the public and reduce incivility on polarizing issues of national importance.

Why We Invested

The Ethics & Public Policy Center’s Faith Angle Forum aims to strengthen reporting and commentary on how religious believers, religious convictions, and religiously grounded moral arguments affect American politics and culture. In order to foster civil political discourse on these often contentious issues, the Forum engages prominent political journalists who need to address religion as part of their reporting. Discussions focus on controverisal issues that cross party lines and are of importance to religious leaders and the public at large.

Twice a year, the Faith Angle Forum holds a two-day conference in Florida to discuss these issues in a serious fashion. It also runs an annual series of conferences for young journalists from media outlets around the country. These events have a strong track record of exposing reporters to different points of view, thereby informing the public debate in substantive ways that aim to help our leaders and the public rise above our differences and address crucial public issues.

How to Get Involved

Donate to the Ethics & Public Policy Center, sign up for their newsletter, and follow Faith Angle Forum on Twitter.

Total Commitment

2018: $125,000 over two years 2016: Up to $120,000 over two years. 2014: Up to $120,000 over two years.