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Libel and Defamation Risk Mitigation Training

The Poynter Institute is an instructor, innovator, convener and resource for anyone who aspires to engage and inform citizens. Poynter is currently constructing an e-learning course focused on educating journalists on the legal issues related to libel and defamation.

Why We Invested

The Poynter Institute’s course to educate journalists on the legal issues related to libel and defamation will mitigate risk and reduce the likelihood of legal incidents. The training will cover multiple parts of the news gathering and dissemination process, as well as what to do should one encounter an incident or claim.

Democracy Fund is proud to support the Poynter Institute’s e-course on libel and defamation, which will provide a new resource for the field and for newsrooms throughout the country.

Total Commitment

$130,000 in 2018