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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

Democracy Fund

Liberty and National Security Project

The Brennan Center for Justice is a nonpartisan law and policy institute that seeks to improve our systems of democracy and justice by holding our political institutions and laws accountable to the American ideals of democracy and equal justice for all. The Liberty and National Security program focuses on restoring the proper flow of information between the government and the people.


Recent decades have seen a steady expansion of executive power in relation to the other branches of government. This is particularly true in the area of national security, where Congress has delegated ever-increasing amounts of power to the Executive Branch.

This grant supports the Brennan Center’s Liberty and National Security Program, which promotes effective national security policies that respect constitutional values and the rule of law. With the help of our grant, Brennan Center for Justice will coordinate working groups, research, and symposiums to explore emergency powers and the threat they may pose to the constitutional order.


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Total Commitment

2017: Up to $350,000 over 2 years.