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Louisiana State University: Increasing Women Sources in News

This grant to the Louisiana State University Foundation will support a research team seeking to better understand journalistic sourcing and test diversity sourcing interventions. The research team is led by Dr. Kathleen Searles, a political communication scholar. Dr. Searles' co-principal investigators are Dr. Yanna Krupnikov and Dr. John Barry Ryan, Associate Professors of Political Science at Stony Brook University.

Why We Invested

On a global level, journalists feature women as expert sources in only 24% of new stories. The Increasing Women Sources in the News project examines the mechanisms that result in this gender bias, and potential interventions to disrupt the pattern, ultimately shifting reporting practice. An increase in women as expert sources in the news will lead to greater equality of women’s influence in public discourse and contributions to news and information critical to a functioning democracy.

Total Commitment

2020: $74,966