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Menlo College: Women Also Know Stuff

Menlo College's Women Also Know Stuff project promotes and publicizes the work and expertise of scholars in political science who identify as women.

Why We Invested

Implicit and explicit gender biases mean that women are often underrepresented as experts in academia and in media. Women Also Know Stuff has created a searchable database that helps academics and journalists identify and connect with women academics conducting research on a multitude of issues related to the study of politics. Women Also Know Stuff also equips underrepresented scholars with the tools they need to promote their own work.

Expanding the diversity of expert sources in news stories increases the variety of perspectives and topics shared with the public, and expanding the pool of scholars from diverse backgrounds in academia increases our understanding of how democracy works – and who it works for.

Democracy Fund is proud to support Menlo College’s Women Also Know Stuff and believes that including a wider variety of perspectives, topics, and expertise in public discussions of political issues strengthens our democracy.