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Millennial Action Project

The Millennial Action Project is a national, nonpartisan organization that is dedicated to encouraging young policymakers, increasing civil dialog, and strengthening collaborative governance through innovative partnerships.


Today, a new generation of leaders is preparing to govern our nation. As the first members of this new generation begin to take up the reins of government, the fundamental question is: How will the Millennial Generation govern America? The Millennial Action Project (MAP) seeks to create a new, collaborative governing paradigm for the next generation of leaders in Congress. As the most politically independent and diverse generation in America, young millennials now entering public office will need tools to lead the nation beyond gridlock and focus on long-term problem solving. MAP seeks to expand the State Future Caucus Network which includes Democratic and Republican policymakers and elected leaders under the age of 40 across America, while encouraging the evolution of the Congressional Future Caucus.

In addition, the Millennial Action Project sets an example of collaboration by working with the following organizations: the Hewlett Foundation, National Conference of Sate Legislatures, National Institute for Civil Discourse, and OpenGov Foundation.


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