Democracy Fund

The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

Democracy Fund

Network Grants 2014

The Democracy Fund Network Grants are an opportunity for grantees to access funds for pilot or experimental projects that highlight collaboration and out-of-the-box thinking while deepening and expanding the Democracy Fund network.

Why We Invested

The Democracy Fund seeks to support a network of grantee organizations whose activity will collectively contribute to a stronger democracy. We believe that communication and partnership among the members of our network will strengthen the individual activities of each organization. The Network Grants Program offers funding to support new collaborations that build capacity, explore new directions, fuel action, and expand the knowledge base of our network, and deep impact. The Democracy Fund accepts proposals that involve at least two grantees of the Democracy Fund on a bi-annual basis

What We Invested In

Technology and Civic Deliberation

Collaborators: Healthy Democracy Fund, Participatory Budgeting Project, Personal Democracy Media

Amount: $50,000.

This project explores how technology may be used to determine a feasible and effective way to use technology to both improve citizen deliberation and models of public engagement.

Online Civil Dialogue

Collaborators: National Institute for Civil Discourse, Engaging News Project.

Amount: $30,000.

This project seeks to identify promising strategies that will determine features and tools to promote a more civil and vibrant dialogue online. By testing online tools and strategies, and conducting politically diverse focus groups a better understanding of online dialogue will emerge.

TurboVote Pilot Program

Collaborators: TurboVote, Sunlight Foundation, New Organizing Institute Electricity, Center for Civil Design.

Amount: $50,000.

This project will seek to remove barriers to voting by further developing basis civic information technology, creating a template of easy-to use election websites, and piloting these tools within five (5) states.

Best Practive for Bipartisan Policy Making

Collaborators: FairVote, Bipartisan Policy Center.

Amount: $50,000.

This project will examine state houses who adapted to unusual power-sharing structures to understand how bipartisan policymaking and agreements can be reached and translated into federal institutions.

Incorporating New Tools into a Personal Democracy Dashboard

Collaborators: U.S. Vote Foundation, University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Public Policy Center.

Amount: $50,000.

The project serves to incorporate the data into the My Voter Account (MVA) application, such that people can access customizable fact check information on their elected Members of Congress.

Covering Election 2014

Collaborators: Institute for Nonprofit News, Sunlight Foundation, Center For Public Integrity, Center for Responsive Politics.

Amount: $48,956.

This project will organize a two day in-depth training session for reporters on the latest tools and techniques for following monetary contributions in the 2014 elections.

Total Commitment

In 2014, the Democracy Fund invested $278,956 in six (6) network grants.