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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

Democracy Fund

Open Source Election Technology

The Open Source Elections Technology Foundation (OSET) is a nonprofit research institute focused on increasing confidence in elections by making open source elections technology freely available for any jurisdiction to adopt, adapt, and deploy for public elections in order to increase verification, accuracy, security, and transparency, and to ensure that ballots are counted as cast.


Americans are willing to collectively spend a billion dollars to support presidential campaigns, but yet rely on 1990-era elections technology that requires costly maintenance and inflexible vendor dependence for years. The Open Source Election Technology Foundation (OSET), and its main project TrustTheVote, seek to increase transparency, improve consistency, and restore trust in how America votes.

By bringing substantial innovation to election and voting systems through an adaptable, flexible, full-featured election technology framework that will be open-source and available for free to all jurisdictions, OSET is working to end the gamble that every major election becomes by relying on obsolete machinery.


Here’s how you can get involved or support the TrustTheVote Project:

  1. Follow them on Twitter @OSET and @TrusttheVote
  2. “Like” them on Facebook
  3. OSET needs your unique skills! If you’re an elections official, administrator, director, or elections systems expert, or if you are great at coding, outreach, web development, research, visual design, click here for more information on volunteering.

Total Commitment

2015: Up to $500,000 over two years.