Democracy Fund

The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

Democracy Fund

Open the Government

OpenTheGovernment (OTG) is a nonpartisan coalition dedicated to empowering the public by advancing policies that lead to a more open, accountable, and responsive government.


The OpenTheGovernment (OTG) coalition is working to make the federal government more transparent by seeking to: ensure integrity and accountability in the operation of our governing institutions, foster confidence in representative government, and support democratic principles.

Democracy Fund supports OTG’s mission to expand outreach and coalition-building in service of an open and transparent government. With the help of our grant, OTG will map the civil society community in order to identify potential collaborators in government transparency. OTG is working to identify organizations who do not traditionally advocate for open government and transparency but whose own causes could be helped by better understanding how to obtain government information.


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Total Commitment

2017: Up to $500,000 over 2 years.