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Tides Foundation: POPVOX LegiDash Fund

POPVOX LegiDash Fund, a project of the Tides Foundation, is working to create a free communications and legislative dashboard to help streamline communications between Congressional offices and the American people.


LegiDash provides a platform for congressional offices to experiment with new communications techniques, deliver greater legislative situational awareness to staff, and provide an alternative to social media platforms for member-constituent interactions. This grant will support further development of the platform, giving constituents more of a voice in the policy-making process and providing members of Congress with a new channel to explain their positions to the public. The dashboard also increases the ability of staff members to follow updates on pending legislation and facilitates greater collaboration between staff in different member offices.

The portal will also provide calendar and legislative updates, resources, and learning materials that staff can use to support their professional development and increase their knowledge of the institution. POPVOX will work to make the LegiDash platform available for contributions from other organizations and developers, including the development of a “hub” for resources and tools available for staffers from other organizations.

Total Commitment

2019: $200,000 2018: $100,000