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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

Democracy Fund

Research Foundation of the City University of New York

The Research Foundation of the City University of New York (RFCUNY) is a not-for-profit educational corporation that manages private and government sponsored programs at The City University of New York (CUNY).

​Why We Invested

Since they rose to prominence the summer of 2016, the Alt Right has received a great deal of media attention. Pundits across the political spectrum have provided analysis on the ideology behind the Alt Right, while leaders of the movement have received significant opportunities to engage with the public and media attention.

Professor Thomas Main of The City University of New York, an accomplished academic and author, is writing a book about the roots and reach of the Alt-Right. Our grant will support Professor Main’s ability to access social media data and provide transcription support for his research. Main’s book will explore the movement in a way that no one else has done so far, and we hope will be a valuable resource for combatting the Alt-Right and extremist movements in the United States.

How To Get Involved

Follow the Research Foundation on Twitter for updates on the Alt-Right research and the book.

Total Commitment

2017: Up to $45,000 over one year.