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George Washington University: The Monkey Cage

The Monkey Cage is transforming from a stand-alone entity to serve as an integral element of a broader infrastructure that supports better communication between political science researchers, elected officials, the media, and the public.

Why We Invested

Currently housed on the Washington Post website, the Monkey Cage is run by a team of academics, including several from George Washington University’s Political Science Department. The Monkey Cage offers a medium for political science, government, and international affairs academics from leading universities around the country to share their research with a larger audience. Through greater academic engagement in public affairs, participating researchers and academics are increasing their role in the national dialogue and more specifically issues of democracy reform.

GWU and the Monkey Cage will work to create a deeper dialogue between academia, the media, and decision-makers, with the goal of introducing the expertise and insight of political science research to the conversation on our political system.How to Get Involved

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Total Commitment

2018: $300,000 over three years 2016: Up to $300,000 over two years. 2014: Up to $300,000 over two years.