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The Obsidian Collection Archives

The Obsidian Collection is a user-friendly, virtual portal for African American culture providing access to material of historical, artistic, and cultural significance gathered from around the country.


The Obsidian Collection is an initiative that seeks to strengthen Black press through digitizing the historic archives of Black legacy press, establishing online and physical places to make these archives accessible for the public, and creating community amongst the diverse ecosystem of Black-led media outlets.

Throughout early twentieth century, a few black newspapers were the only publishers who were capturing any record of the lives, goals, suffering, and strength of black Americans—and most of the images that captured this period are disintegrating. With our support, The Obsidian Collection is working with historically black media like the Chicago Defender, Baltimore Afro American, and The Dallas Post Tribune, to preserve and digitize their archives for future generations.

Total Commitment

2019: $350,000; 2018: $185,000