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The Project on Government Oversight

The Project on Government Oversight is a nonpartisan independent organization that seeks to expand training opportunities by bipartisan experts for congressional staff to ulitimately improve the regular, civil function of government.


With Congressional staff turnover at an all-time high and relationships between Congress and the executive branch at an all-time low, “gotcha” oversight designed to make headlines has effectively replaced the regular function of government. The Project on Government Oversight (POGO), in conjunction with the Levin Center and Lugar Center, will conduct bipartisan congressional workshops on oversight practices, activities, and implementation. Experienced investigators from the House and Senate and from both parties will help conduct the two-day boot camps filled with practical tips and instruction, joint exercises, and role-playing scenarios.

This project will help bridge the partisan divide that has impeded effective interactions between members of both parties, as well as assist members coming together around improved government oversight and accountability.


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