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University of Maryland: Radical American Partisanship Research Project

The mission of the University of Maryland, College Park is to provide excellence in teaching, research, and service. Lillian Mason and Nathan Kalmoe, with the University of Maryland, are conducting research to write a book about radicalism in America, and how radical views are influencing our democracy.

Why We Invested

Lillian Mason and Nathan Kalmoe are two of the leading researchers on the issues of polarization and radical partisanship in the United States. This grant supports their efforts to write a book as well as articles focused on radical American partisanship. Their writing will present survey evidence on the scope of the problem in American society: violent views, aggressive behaviors, moral disengagement, and rejection of democratic elections and their implications. They will identify who these radical partisans are based on social, demographic, political, and psychological traits, and they will investigate how elections, political violence, and messages from leaders and ordinary citizens pacify or inflame radical partisan views.

With their research, Lillian Mason and Nathan Kalmoe will contribute actionable insights for protecting democracy.

Total Commitment

2020: $34,000