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University of Oregon: Agora Journalism Center

The Agora Journalism Center at the School of Journalism and Communication is the University of Oregon’s gathering place for innovation in communication and civic engagement.


The University of Oregon School of Journalism’s Agora Journalism Center works to create and support transformational media innovations in service to civic engagement. This grant supports the Agora Journalism Center in developing and enhancing Gather, an online platform for journalists that offers critical tools, resources and best practices, and a hub for finding support and mentorship. In addition to providing support for Gather’s core staff, community, content creation and research, and technology developments, this grant will also support Agora Journalism Center as they explore new projects that seek to further connect journalists and build out the community of practice.


Follow the Agora Journalism Center on Twitter and Facebook, or learn more about Gather.

Total Commitment

2018: $150,000 2016: $100,000 over eighteen months