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WDET Engagement and Contribution Pipeline

WDET, a NPR affiliated public radio station from Detroit, Michigan, serves an engaged and diverse audience through trusted local news, inclusive conversations, and cultural experiences that empower the community to move forward.


As consumer trust in media is challenged in today’s political climate, many news organizations are recognizing the value of community engagement and community-driven journalism. WDET recognizes building an engaged news organization is a long-game strategy that requires investments in talent, training, processes, and technology. They aim to explore ways to institutionalize engagement practices to reimagine the role of radio in local media.

WDET will seek to integrate revenue driven activities into journalism projects by utilizing practices to design, implement, and test strategies that generate diversified forms of community support. This project will demonstrate how engagement principles can be applied to deepen relationships with community members and share the effect of these methods to advance conversation among other public and local nonprofit news organization.


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Total Commitment

2017: Up to $100,000 over one year.