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The Democracy Fund invests in organizations working to ensure that our political system is able to withstand new challenges and deliver on its promise to the American people.

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In this section, you will find a library of the publications produced by Democracy Fund staff and our grantees on a variety of subjects. For more information about any of these reports, please contact us at

Modern Elections & Money in Politics

Voter Sentiments on the U.S. Election System

By The Elections Program / 2016 December 2nd

Our national survey of voters after the 2016 election was designed to provide the Democracy Fund a snapshot of public opinion about our election system and the possible effect of the rhetoric around election fraud. This data demonstrates that while most voters had a pleasant voting experience, deep concerns exist about the integrity of American elections. Read More

Fact Sheet: U.S. Elections Process and Voting Machine Security

By Democracy Fund / 2016 November 4th

4 facts you need to know about the voting process and voting machines in the United States. Read More

Progress Report on the Presidential Commission on Election Administration

By Democracy Fund / 2016 October 4th

This update highlights the progress made on improving the efficiency of elections and increasing access to voting since the release of the Presidential Commission on Election Administration's report in 2014, notably in the areas of voter registration, access to voting, polling place management, and voting technology. Read More

Vibrant Media & the Public Square

Learning from North Carolina: Exploring the News and Information Ecosystem

By Fiona Morgan, in consultation with Melanie Sill / 2017 December 5th

In this report, the authors have sought to map out the strengths and challenges facing North Carolina as the landscape of local news continues to shift due to economic and technological change. It concludes with 10 suggestions for developing a more robust ecosystem in North Carolina, ranging from convening conversations to forming partnerships to tackling concrete problems by building practical solutions. Read More

Effective Place-Based Philanthropy: The Role and Practices of a National Funder

By Prudence Brown / 2017 October 17th

Prudence Brown, a respected leader in place-based philanthropy, provides her insights on the roles and practices of national foundations undertaking place-based work. Read More

Communities of Practice: Lessons for the Journalism Field


This paper examines the theory and evolution of Communities of Practice (CoPs) and explores in greater detail the CoPs developing around engaged journalism, and how these ideas can be applied to other communities in journalism. Read More

Pathways to Engagement: Understanding How Newsrooms are Working with Communities

By Angelica Das, Edited by Jessica Clark / 2017 April 25th

Journalists are working with their communities in a range of new ways that are reshaping how newsrooms report, publish, and pay the bills. This emerging trend of "engaged journalism" has roots in past journalism industry movements but has taken on unique contours in the digital age. Read More

How to Best Serve Communities: Reflections on Civic Journalism

By Geneva Overholser / 2016 November 4th

At the Democracy Fund, we believe that creating a stronger future for local news requires us to focus on transforming the relationship between news consumers and news producers. As we develop a new program to support and expand “Engaged Journalism,” we have sought to ensure that our new efforts are informed by the successes and struggles of the past — especially the civic journalism movement of the 1990s. This paper was commissioned for the purposes of understanding that history and what has changed since, so that we will be more likely to succeed today. Read More