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Knowing It’s Right

A Two-Part Guide to Risk-Limiting Audits

By Jennifer Morrell / Last Updated 2019 May 22nd

In this two-part report, Jennifer Morrell provides an overview of the field of risk-limiting audits in and soup-to-nuts information on how election officials can conduct this type of audit. Knowing It’s Right, Part One: A Practical Guide to Risk-Limiting Audits provides a higher level overview for state and local stakeholders who want to know more about RLAs before moving on to the implementation phase, whereas Knowing It’s Right, Part Two: Risk-Limiting Audit Implementation Workbook serves as a complementary workbook on how to conduct the ballot-comparison audit.

Jennifer Morrell’s work in Colorado was instrumental in the successful implementation of the first statewide risk-limiting audit and she has since spent time traveling across the country working on post-election audits. This report is the cumulative documentation of her effort.