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Experiments in Fact Checking and Civil Discourse

Scholars from Dartmouth University, the University of Texas, and Georgia State University conducted real-world experiments to learn about how media can more effectively fact check political leaders and expose readers to more diverse points of view.

About the Project

The New America Foundation worked with a team of social scientists to conduct a series of experiments that increased the media’s understanding about (a) the effectiveness of fact checking by media organizations in reducing misinformation, (b) the effectiveness of different strategies that may be used by media to correct the false impressions and misperceptions that are held by their audiences, (c) the effectiveness of various strategies by media web sites to increase the appreciation of other points of view by their audiences.

These experiments provided media organizations, media educators, and those working to reform news media with key insights about how media can better inform and engage their readers, viewers, and listeners.


Brendan Nyhan and Jason Reifler:

Michelle Amazeen:

Natalie Stroud: